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Project Batang – Ungaran

The 500 kV Extra High Voltage Air Line Network (SUTET) that stretches along the North Java route, which is part of the Government’s 35,000 Mega Watt Program, is also the backbone of the Java-Bali electricity system. The task of PT PLN (Persero) is not only to build a power plant, but also to align it with the availability of transmission networks and substations so that power can be evacuated to the customer’s load center.

The 500 kV Tanjung Jati B – Pemalang (Batang) SUTET with a total of 545 towers and a total of 455.62 kms of channels is the fruit of the hard work and synergy of PT PLN (Persero) and its staff including PT Rekadaya Elektrika. PT Rekadaya Elektrika (RE) also contributed to this transmission mega project, to be precise in section 2 which crosses the Ungaran – Batang route. RE succeeded in completing 106 towers with a total distance of 52.5 km or the equivalent of 105 km.

With dedication, high commitment and thorough work enthusiasm to be able to complete every project entrusted, RE has succeeded in completing this work even though it was full of challenges and obstacles in the field. Stages of individual testing and equipment function testing have been completed. This was followed by the issuance of a Voltage Worthy Recommendation Letter (RLB) stating that the 500 kV Tanjung Jati B – Batang SUTET was feasible to be energized for 24 hours.