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Labuan Bajo 70 kV

Another brilliant achievement was made by PT Rekadaya Elektrika (RE) through the Labuan Bajo Substation project team (Ext. 30 MVA), because on September 6 2022 an RLB certificate was issued and on September 7 2022 the RE project team succeeded in Energizing the Substation Mains (GI) capacity of 30 MVA, the 70 kV.

The success of the RE project team in energizing the Labuan Bajo GI and the RLB certificate was 2 months ahead of the contract, namely November 12, 2022 as a form of RE’s commitment and support for the zero down time program initiated by PLN, as well as supporting the holding of the prestigious G20 event.

This success was inseparable from the various efforts made by the RE team, including advancing the onsite material schedule through an agreement with the manufacturer and accelerating the progress of several works such as work on switchyard foundations, EM erection and testing & commissioning.

Electrical Engineering’s hard work also received appreciation from the General Manager of PT PLN (Perseo) UIP Nusra, Mr. Wahidin, after the implementation of energizing GI Labuan Bajo (Ext. 30 MVA).